Environmental Management

We place an emphasis on environmental management and sustainability and seek ways to reduce our carbon footprint. As part of our Green Clean initiative, we use reusable microfiber cloths to reduce paper consumption and the need for harmful chemicals, but where chemicals are used, we actively promote the use of biodegradable cleaning products that limit the harm to the environment. We also take steps to:

  • Reduce water and electricity consumption
  • Measure air quality and consumption of petrol as required
  • Ensure the use of biodegradable chemicals and recyclable packaging
  • Minimize safety hazards and risks associated with using chemicals
  • Reduce waste and our carbon footprint through supply chain management
  • Use HEPA filtration to improve air quality and create healthier environment
  • Use only environmentally friendly products/vehicles
  • Invest in Green solutions and initiatives
  • Adopt international standards to become a leader in the field of cleaning services
  • Ecofriendly approach to our services

IFS recognizes, welcomes and embraces its role as both a global citizen and a responsible corporate citizen; we acknowledge that it is incumbent upon us to use our position and every opportunity afforded to us to respect, preserve and restore the environment. Our aim is to be conscious of all environmental issues that arise from our operations and administration and to pursue excellence in minimizing the impact of our business and our clientsbusiness on our global environment.